The AnodyneID

Anodyne Productions Getting Started General Information

If you're anything like us, you find yourself constantly frustrated by all the different accounts you need to have for sites and services across the Internet. It seems like every other day we're having to create a new account and remember a new password. Anodyne Productions is no longer one of those places!

When building AnodyneXtras 2.0, we knew there would need to be some kind of user system, but we also knew that in the future, other sites and services Anodyne would offer would need something similar. To prevent all sorts of usernames and passwords flying around, we wanted to create a single account that all Anodyne sites would use.

Enter the AnodyneID.

As it stands today, you can log in to the Anodyne site with your AnodyneID and edit your user profile, do everything you need to do with AnodyneXtras (create/edit/remove/download Xtras, report issues, comment, etc.), and do a few things in the Help Center (mark articles as needing an update, sharing articles, mark articles as helpful).

In the future, we'll start rolling out more services that will use the AnodyneID. In addition to having a single username/password for Anodyne's sites and services, there's the added bonus of single sign-on. When you log in to the Anodyne site, you'll automatically be logged on to AnodyneXtras and the Help Center.

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