Updating from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4

Nova 1 Update Guide

Step 1: Turn on Maintenance Mode

Nova includes a new feature called maintenance mode that allows admins to shut off access to the site to everyone except system administrators. This is especially handy when doing updates, ensuring no one is accessing the database while you're running the update.

Note: You can turn maintenance mode on from the Site Settings page in the Admin Control Panel.

Step 2: Update the CodeIgniter Core

There are no updates to the CodeIgniter core in Nova 1.2.4.

Step 3: Update the Nova Core

Warning: Most Windows FTP clients have serious issues overwriting files on a server. To prevent issues, make sure you delete the file(s) you want to overwrite then upload the new version(s).

Warning: Any admins who updated to Nova 1.2 prior to 29 December 2010 are affected by a bug where all access roles were granted system administrator access privileges. Due to the potentially highly dynamic nature of access roles, there is no automated fix for this. You will need to manually change your access roles back to level more appropriate to how you operate your sim. Questions about this should be directed to Anodyne through the forums or Anodyne's contact form. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Upload these files/directories in your application folder with the new versions, making sure to replace the old versions if they exist:

  • application/assets/install
  • application/assets/js
  • application/assets/update
  • application/config/constants.php
  • application/controllers/base/characters_base.php
  • application/models/base/posts_model_base.php
  • application/views/_base/main/js/personnel_index_js.php

Step 4: Run the Update Script

Open your browser and navigate to http://[yoursite]/index.php/update. Verify your email address and password to be given access to the page and then click on the link to begin the database update.

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