Changing the Index File

Nova 2 Tutorial Developer Resource

The Problem

Your sim is running a static site, static page, forums or something else (or hell, you just want a new file name) and you want to change the name of the front file Nova uses from index.php to nova.php.

The Solution

Changing Nova's bootstrap file is actually incredibly easy. Before you begin though, you should back up a copy of the index file to have it just in case something goes wrong.

Note: The bootstrap file refers to the index file, or the file that "bootstraps" the entire framework. This shouldn't be confused with the UI toolkit that's used in Nova.

1. Change the Index File Name

Rename the index file from index.php to nova.php (or whatever you want it to be). Upload the bootstrap file to your server.

2. Change the Config File

Next, we need to update the config file to point to the right bootstrap file. Open app/config/config.php. You'll notice that the file is pretty much empty. This is done so that we can update the configuration if necessary without having admins change config options with every update. In order to change the index file, you just need to add the following line at the end of the file:

$config['index_page'] = "nova.php";

All this does is overrides the default index.php option with the new bootstrap file. Once you've saved and uploaded the config file back up to your server, you can navigate to your new file and you should see Nova as usual.

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