Changing the Name of the Application Folder

Nova 2 Tutorial Developer Resource

The Problem

You're toying around with the idea of running several Nova installations from the same directory and you can't have multiple application folders (or maybe you just want to change it for the hell of it).

The Solution

Changing Nova's application folder is actually incredibly easy. Before you begin though, you should back up your application directory to have it just in case something goes wrong.

1. Change the Name of the Application Folder

Rename the application folder on the server from application to uss_enterprise (or whatever you want it to be).

2. Change the Index File

Next, we need to update the index file to point to the right directory for our application. Open index.php and find the $app_folder variable (it's on line 66 or somewhere close by). Make the $app_folder variable point to your new application folder.

$app_folder = 'uss_enterprise';

Once you've saved and uploaded the index file back up to your server, you can navigate to your Nova installation and you should see Nova as usual.

Important: Since this change doesn't happen in the application directory, it's possible a change in the future to the index file may force you to re-apply this change after an update.

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