Configuring Nova

Nova 2 Reference


One of the most important configuration variables, the genre option will tell Nova what position, department, and rank data to use when installing the system as well as when accessing the database. If this is blank, the system will not install! If you want to change your genre after you've installed Nova, you'll need to change this variable to the three letter genre code for the genre you're going to.

Meta Data

Nova comes with some default meta data, but admins can change the data to their preference through variables in the app/config/nova.php file. By default, Nova ships with the following meta data:

  • Description - Anodyne Productions' premier online RPG management software
  • Author - Anodyne Productions
  • Keywords - nova, rpg management, anodyne, rpg, sms

RSS Settings

Nova allows people (crew and otherwise) to subscribe to RSS feeds with mission posts, personal logs, and news items. There are several options for configuring these in app/config/nova.php. More information about the configuration options can be found in the RSS Feeds page.

Thresher Settings

Nova's integrated mini wiki, Thresher, has a single config file that allows admins to change the way content is stored and parsed. By default, Thresher will store and parse wiki page content as HTML, but you can also use BBCode, Markdown and Textile for storing and parsing. You can change the parse type in the Thresher config file found at app/config/thresher.php.

Note: Once you have selected a parse type, you shouldn't change it. If you change the parse type, your wiki pages may not display properly.

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