Nova 2 Requirements

Nova 2 Getting Started

We've worked hard to make sure Nova's requirements are as broad as possible so as many people as possible can use it for their games. Still, there are a few requirements that you should verify before installing Nova 2. In the event the server you're going to be installing Nova on doesn't support some or all of these things, you should contact your hosting provider and ask them about the possibility of upgrading these items.


You will need a server that is running PHP, a dynamic web development language that Nova is built in. Nova 2 requires that your server has at least PHP 5.1.6 installed. If you have less than 5.1 installed, the installation will fail and you won't be allowed to continue. Some of the new features in Nova 2 take advantage of functions and methods built in to PHP 5.1.


You will need a server (and account) that has MySQL available. Nova is a database-driven system which means it needs a database (MySQL) to run. As long as you have MySQL 4.1 or higher, you should be fine. (Additionally, you can connect to MySQL through PHP's MySQLi functions if your hosting provider mentions that as an option.)

A Browser

Since Nova is web-based software, you'll need a browser in order to use it. These days, there are a lot of browsers out there and most of them should work, but some of the older generation browser aren't supported because of their lack of support for technologies and tools used in Nova. Our recommendation is to use Firefox (version 4 or higher) or a newer build of Google Chrome (version 10 or higher). In addition, we also support Firefox 3, Safari 4 and higher as well as Internet Explorer 7 and higher. Make sure you have JavaScript turned on as many of Nova's features require it.

Due to Internet Explorer's shortcomings, there are known visual issues with Nova in IE 7. We have no intention of addressing these presentation issues and encourage you to use a standards-compliant browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. These visual issues do not affect IE 8 and higher.

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