Updating to Nova 2.5

Nova 2 Update Guide

In addition to following the normal update process, Nova 2.5 includes potentially two additional changes that you’ll need to make.

Privacy Policies

Nova 2.5 includes default privacy, cookie, do not track, and California privacy rights policies. Those policies are stored in Site Messages under the Messages tab. You can edit those as you see fit.

Any of the privacy policies can be enhanced with one of several variables available to them:

  • #sim_name# - The name of the sim
  • #admin_email# - The email addresses of any system admins
  • #hosting_company# - The name of your hosting company, pulled from Site Settings
  • #access_log_purge# - The timeframe of the access log purge, pulled from Site Settings

Finally, if you haven’t made any changes to the default or titan skins, you can replace those folders in application/views with the versions in the Nova 2.5 zip archive. Those skins include a link in the footer to the privacy policy page.

If you have made changes to those skins or have your own skins that need, you can add the following line anywhere in your template files to provide a link to the privacy policy pages:

<?php echo anchor('main/policies', 'Privacy Policy'); ?>

You will need to make this change in every skin and every template on your site!

PHP 7 Update

If you have the ability to change the PHP version running on your server and decide to make the jump up to PHP 7, you’ll need to edit the application/config/database.php file to account for PHP’s removal of the mysql functions. You can do that by changing $db['default']['dbdriver'] config item to be mysqli.

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