What's New in Nova 2.2

Nova 2 Update Guide Changelog

Character Bio Linking in Author Lists

Forum member Jordan Jay rolled out a MOD for Nova that added links to the character bio for the list of authors for a mission post. We loved this idea so much that we talked to Jordan about rolling the functionality into the Nova core! We've taken his idea and expanded on it though, so in addition to mission posts, the same linking behavior will happen on personal logs, news items, wiki pages and any comments that are entered throughout the system.

Reply To on Emails

Since making changes to emails from Nova to combat emails being marked as spam by hosts, we've heared several people want us to set the Reply To header on email messages so that users can just hit reply and send an email back to the author of the post/log/news items. We've rolled this functionality into most emails that come from Nova. In some cases, it doesn't make sense to have a Reply To header there (password resets were one of the emails we didn't think it didn't make sense for).

Note: Replying to an email will not post that item back into Nova. If you want to reply to an item or comment on it, you have to do so from inside Nova.

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