What's New in Nova 2.3

Nova 2 Update Guide Changelog

Character Metadata Available on Manifests

Use the new character metadata setting for each manifest to tell Nova which fields to pull out of the character information and display on your manifest. You can choose as many fields as you want to display, so make the manifest show more of the information your users are looking for.

Updates to Dynamic Forms

No one likes seeing blank fields on a bio, so we've updated the dynamic forms to only display fields that have something in them. This will make your forms cleaner and easier to read, especially for entries that don't have a lot of data. We've also added a much-requested feature of being able to show inline help for forms when in create or edit mode.

More Sim Stats

Get a better view at the stats for your game over its entire lifetime now with the expansion of the sim stats. In addition to being able to see stats for the current and previous months, there are also new metrics for the overall lifetime of the game including total posts, average posts per month and more.

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