Installing the Preview Release

Nova NextGen Getting Started Install Guide

Nova NextGen is provided "as-is" and doesn't have any support for it. You're free to ask questions in the forums, but understand that Anodyne will not provide walkthroughs and support for Nova NextGen at this time.

Nova NextGen can be run from any web server running PHP 5.5.9 or higher with a MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite database. You can also install Nova NextGen on a local server if you're running one, so long as it has PHP and a database.

  1. Upload Nova NextGen to your server (or if it's a local server, copy the files to the location where you want it)
  2. Navigate to http://[yoursite] and you'll be automatically redirected to the Setup Center
  3. You may be prompted to make certain directories writable in order to continue. Laravel requires having the ability to create files for logging, caching, and other framework operations. You'll need to make the config, storage, and nova/bootstrap/cache directories (as well as all their sub-directories) writable by the web server (775).
  4. Select the option to do a Fresh Install of Nova NextGen and follow the prompts

Once Nova NextGen is installed, you'll be re-directed to a basic front page with some links to move around a few different places in the system, including being able to log in and use some of the admin features. In future preview releases, you'll be able to use more of the system as it's built.

Theme developers: The theme structure and supporting tools are pretty much finalized now. As such, you can start to play around with building your themes. You can look through the nova/resources/views directory to see what's there and read more in the Site Themes overview of the Nova NextGen Vision series.

Extension developers: Basic work has started on extensions and you're able to now create extensions and play around with them. In the future, we'll provide more complete documentation around extension development.

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