Error: Xtra with the Same Name

AnodyneXtras Error

AnodyneXtras uses slugs for identifying specific Xtras (this makes URLs more readable and more SEO friendly). What that means is that we take the name of an Xtra and replace spaces with dashes (-) and strip special characters. If you have an Xtra named "My Awesome Xtra", its slug will be my-awesome-xtra. If you try to create "My Awesome Xtra" for Nova 1 and then "My Awesome Xtra" for Nova 2, it won't let you create the second version because you already have an Xtra with a slug of my-awesome-xtra.

To get around this limitation (something we had to figure out ourselves for all of our Xtras), name your Xtras with a Nova version number: "My Awesome Xtra Nova 1". After you've created the Xtra, upload the file and preview image(s), go back and edit the Xtra and remove the "Nova 1" piece of the name. The slug won't change, so the slug will remain my-awesome-xtra-nova-1, but you'll have a cleaner name for display purposes.

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