Reference Articles

Versioning in Nova

Nova 2 Reference

This article explains how we version Nova and what constitutes major, minor, and patch version bumps

Nova URLs

Nova 2 Reference

Nova's URLs are the key to figuring out where things are. Learn how to decipher URLs and find stuff in the Nova core.

Nova 2 File Structure

Nova 2 Reference

This breakdown will explain what is where in the Nova 2 file structure

Genres in Nova

Nova 2 Reference

Learn how genres work and where all the files go for a genre

Configuring Nova

Nova 2 Reference

Nova comes with its own config file that you can use to change some of the more advanced settings for the system

Configuring CodeIgniter

Nova 2 Reference

CodeIgniter, the foundation of Nova, can be configured to do a lot of different things. This guide walks you through all the CI configuration items.

Updating an Xtra

AnodyneXtras Reference

How do I update one of my Xtras with a new version?

Remove an Xtra

AnodyneXtras Reference

How do I remove one of my Xtras?

Disabling an Xtra

AnodyneXtras Reference

How do I disable one of my Xtras so no one can see it?

Nova 1 Requirements

Nova 1 Reference

The server and browser requirements for Nova 1

Markdown Guide

Anodyne Productions Tutorial Reference

There are many places through Anodyne's products and services where Markdown is used for lightweight styling. Learn about Markdown and its syntax to use it throughout Anodyne's products and services.